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Not more than 3 easy Steps!

Enter a video link

MP3 Youtube Converter currently supports over 10 video Sites and more will come soon!

Select a format

Choose from over 7 different audio and video formats. More will be added in the near future.

Download your file

That’s it already! Your Youtube to MP3 file has been processed and converted by our servers and can now be downloaded.

Try unlimited media experience using YouTube to MP3 Converter Online

MP3 YouTube Converter is the label of our website. But in fact, we provide much more than just converting videos from YouTube to MP3 files. You can switch any video and audio from your favorite services, such as Instagram, Dailymotion, VK, Soundcloud, Facebook, Vevo, Metacafe, Vimeo, AOL files to 7 different formats. Using YouTube Converter to MP3 grants a high-quality conversion and fast downloading speed even for those videos that appear blocked for your region! Our online service enables the minimum bit rate of 128 KB for audio and 256 KB for video. It provides an excellent quality of the received records. And we do not stand still – every day we are working to increase the existing range of converting options!

What Formats are Available for Converting?

You can get any audio files saved in 4 different formats: .aac, .mp3 (128kb), .mp3 (256kb), .mp4a. What is the difference? Currently, MP3 is still the most common one. A vast variety of other media players is able to emulate it. But the AAC format is rapidly developing, so it`s supported by many devices. Like MP3 (128kb), AAC files cut off those frequencies not assimilated by human’s ear. It allows to reduce the document size, the value of which in these extensions is practically equal. Compared to them, MP3-recording (256kb) are almost two times bulky, as a result of sound enhancement. M4A files are pretty much like MP3, thought they got much better quality in actually smaller size. M4A extension can be broadcasted using the commonest applications of MS Windows, Apple, Roxio, KSP, VideoLan and others.
Our YouTube Converter supports a wide range of standard video formats, such as F4V, MP4, 3GP and WEBM.
MP4 – is a very popular media format, used for digital video, audio, as well as subtitles and image data. Like most modern formats, it can be played online and downloaded from the Internet.
F4V – stands among the most trendy flash video formats. However, they can be easily run using the most of the browsers or the other software with Flash technology.
WebM – was specially designed for accessing the Internet via different devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, laptops). Web browsers, such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome commonly support WEBM files, while the others like Internet Explorer 9 and Safari need to get some third-party programs installed first (e.g. QuickTime).
3GP – is ideal for creating, editing, transmitting and playing videos by most any smartphone with 2g, 3g, 4g available (including Apple, iPhone). Its special feature is fine optimization for spending resources and good rate of throughput.

How to Choose the Right Format?

It depends on the hardware and the software to broadcast the media file. While the memory capacity does matter as well. So how to specify the best one and the most suitable for you?

  • Check out which formats are compatible with your target device.
  • Take a decision how much space you are going to share for media storing.
  • Considering the above facts, select the most fitting format personally for you.
  • Proceed with our YouTube to MP3 online Converter!

Mobile Ready

You are on the road with no PC? No problem for us. Use our website with any mobile phone or tablet, regardless of whether Android, Windows or Apple. So you can always download the video directly to your phone or tablet.

10 Supported Video Portals

We offer our – Online Youtube Converter Service not only for Youtube 2 MP3! This is also for other Video Sites like: Instagram, VK , Facebook, Dailymotion, Vevo, Vimeo, Metacafe, AOL, Soundcloud. We work to give you more and more Sites over the time.

Cloud Support

With us you have the possibility to save your data not only on your pc, mobile phone or tablet. You can also save it directly into your Dropbox or Onedrive Cloud.

Flexible Conversion Server

To provide the best possible Solution, you are now able to choose our Conversion Server around the Globe to solve blocked Videos. This is a problem when you download Youtube to MP3 Videos. Youtube has an Country Filter to block Videos when you live in a country where the Video is blocked. But with our Servers around the globe you can solve this. It is great!

Video and Music Editor

You do not want the entire audio or video file? We offer you the possibility, also here, to put on hand, and the file to edit. So you can cut it as you like and download it in your own individual length.

Individual Output Format

If you want to edit your files further, we also offer you the possibility to change the volume or edit the file info. So you can change titles, artists, genre, year, track and album. You can also choose a format you like and download the file from Youtube to MP3, F4V, MP4, AAC, M4A 3GP or WEBM.

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